A20 Business Case Support

As part of our ongoing work for the Port of Dover, TPHS provided assistance and technical back up to support the Business Case funding for the A20 works.

TPHS utilised the agreed VISSIM model which they had developed with their specialist modelling partners to undertake before and after assessments of the benefits of the A20 Highway Improvement works and provide these in a concise and researched report. This work enabled the Port to put together a case for the part funding of the works and improvements.

The work highlights that TPHS can think outside the box and utilise the tools that they have developed to support clients in different ways. The bid for funding was successful.

TPHS are able to clearly and critically think about ways in which to provide clients with data analysis and presentation material to further their aims from a transport and operational perspective.

Project Details


November 2016 – February 2017


Port of Dover


Dover, Kent, UK


Vissim Micro-simulation, Traffic Analysis and Presentation

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