Alma Road, Windsor

TPHS provided the detailed assessment via a full TA and Travel Plan (s) of transport impacts of a major mixed-use scheme comprising 220 residential units and 10,000 sqm of offices.

As part of the work a detailed highways assessment was undertaken to identify a package of improvements which the scheme could deliver which included major improvements to the site access road to accommodate an additional footway on the pedestrian desire lines as well as design of on-site servicing and delivery spaces.

The work also included agreement of a shuttle bus and three car club spaces as part of a comprehensive package of non-car improvements to encourage a mode shift away from the car and provision of lower car parking on site which included significant cost savings on not providing basement car parking.

The above was agreed with RBWM highways officers, however the planning committee failed to determine the scheme in good time.

The client Appealed the scheme on the basis of non determination and TPHS Managing Director, Steve Jones, gave detailed expert witness evidence at the subsequent Public Inquiry. The Inspector agreed with the findings of the transport evidence and evidence submitted by the client’s other witnesses and granted the scheme approval.

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Windsor, UK


Salmon Harvester Properties Ltd


Transport Planning, Transport Assessment, Travel Planning and Public Inquiry expert witness


August 2017 – August 2019

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