City Road

Helical appointed TPHS to deliver the transport solutions on this site which included a major refurbishment and an additional floor of accommodation to the building. A particularly challenging element of the project was removing the existing off street servicing space to create a new reception, meeting space and extensive secure cycle parking at ground floor level. The servicing was moved to a dedicated on street lay-by following detailed surveys of existing use of the parking and loading in the vicinity of the site. The work for planning also included a PERS audit (pedestrian environment condition survey) to identify gaps and deficiencies in the pedestrian infrastructure in the vicinity of the site.

TPHS following approval at the Planning Committee assisted the client in delivering the development by undertaking the work to discharge the conditions and liaise with the Borough on the changes to the TROs that were required in addition to providing detailed signage and lines drawings for the new on street arrangements.

The final piece of work that was completed for this project prior to the building being sold was the development and agreement with LB Islington of a web based Travel Plan for the building occupiers – this was innovative and the planning authority was highly receptive to the concept of this for a site in this tech quarter of the Borough.

Project Details


March 2013 – January 2019


Helical Ltd


City Road, Islington, London


Transport Assessment, Web Based Travel Plan, design of servicing and loading bay, changes to TRO’s and on street parking

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