TPHS has undertaken numerous Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs) for schemes of varying scales and at contrasting locations, with each site having its own opportunities and constraints. We are well versed in preparing these reports in numerous London Boroughs including Camden, Croydon, Greenwich, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Richmond and Westminster.

Within all of these plans a full assessment is undertaken of the routing strategy for construction vehicles and how these then access the site – be this with off-street or on-street arrangements.

Each plan also puts forward considered and detailed estimates of the typical numbers and types of construction traffic attached to each distinct work phase within the construction programme. This is based on calculations of the volumes of key materials (such as spoil removal and concrete delivery) and the conversion of these into vehicle numbers reflective of the types of vehicles supported by the plan.

In most instances our clients also wish to engage us to identify and arrange any temporary traffic orders and/or parking suspensions which may be required to support construction vehicle access to and from the site.

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CTMPs for construction of Extensions, Basements, New and Re-developments and Demolition

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