Port of Dover

TPHS have undertake a range of complex studies to assess a variety of development options and access strategies for the A20 corridor and integration with the existing Port operation.

Development included capacity changes at Eastern Docks (Buffer Zone), modelling and highway design of the new DWDR logistics operation (including the new DCT) and intersection with the existing highway and additional development sites including later phases of DWDR.

TPHS set up a VISSIM micro-simulation model with our approved sub consultants to test scenarios and impacts on the operation of the existing Port and A20 Trunk Road.

Work included modelling of future scenarios and improvements to the A20 junctions through Dover including assessing the work programme and implementation of TTM measures as part of the infrastructure works.

The model output was agreed with Highways England which assisted construction time to be cut on the A20 junction improvements scheme, potentially saving 3 months of a 14 month programme.

TPHS continue to provide specialist transport, modelling and infrastructure advice to the Port.

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Dover, UK


Dover Harbour Board


Transport Planning, Micro-simulation Modelling and Detailed Infrastructure Design Works


2012- Present

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