Farringdon Road

Demolition and rebuild with additional floors of the former Guardian building in Farringdon Road. TPHS provided extensive pre and post planning application transport and highway services for the project.

Initially this included a feasibility study for the client of the proposals with extensive Autotrack swept path analysis and assessment of the impact of new servicing yard arrangements.

The production of a full detailed Transport Assessment, Travel Plan and Delivery and Servicing Management Plan (DSMP) followed this to support the application.

Following approval by the planning committee, TPHS were novated to the main contractor design team to co-ordinate the detailed design of the highway works and TfL’s improvements plus the TRO changes prior to the site opening. This also included agreeing the final Travel Plan and final DSMP for the occupation of the site.

Project Details


June 2013 – July 2019


Viridis Properties




Feasibility, TA and Travel Plan

Detailed Highway Design

Project Gallery